Salary Survey Information

A recent discussion on the member listserv inspired this post on salary surveys. Many of you were accustomed to taking the salary survey offered by the local society chapter in the past, and several members have inquired as to whether these will be offered again.

These surveys are no longer conducted through the local chapters of MGMA, as MGMA National required the local affiliations to sign an agreement a couple of years ago which prohibited chapters at the local level to duplicate services already performed by the State affiliate. Since Missouri MGMA performs a salary survey, the GKC version is no longer offered.*

Below you will find links to the salary surveys which have been made available at the state and national levels, all of which are open to members and nonmembers:

MGMA National Salary Survey-available now through March 4, 2016.

State MGMA Survey Participation– visit this page for more information on salary surveys at the state level, as well as the state survey participation contest. This survey is also available now through March 4, 2016.

Getting started-visit this page if you would like information on frequently asked questions, change notices, survey guides, and more for state survey participation.

*Information paraphrased from a quote by Colleen Norris.