New Member Communication Forum Now Available

Our new Forum is ready for your use! This Forum has been created to replace the listserv,  has many features that our former listserve did not, and we are happy to help you customize it.

First Steps:

  • Sign in
  • Navigate to the members-only resources page
  • Click on Member Communication Forum

If you’d like to receive forum activity updates in your email inbox, similar to the way you received Listserv updates, simply follow the first steps listed above, and then be sure to click “Subscribe” on the forum homepage. Then you may begin posting questions and information in the topic areas. Watch this video for more detailed instructions.

If you want to become a super-user of the new Forum, please watch this video as well. Customizing Your Forum Options.

If you need help getting started or changing your settings, or need to reset your password, e-mail Danan Jo Parks at