Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Members of MGMA-GKC:

Over the past 2+ years our organization has experienced much change and at times has felt like a roller coaster ride of both positive and negative experiences and outcomes. I am confident with our new executive management support, stabilization is occurring, and we are beginning to grow in all the right directions.

The MGMA-GKC Board recently participated in our annual retreat. We left reenergized and excited as we lead our organization in a new direction.

Over these past few years there have been a progressive decrease in the participation of the monthly educational programs. In 2016 the focus is going to be on content. There will be a consistent location and a change in the time of day and frequency that the programs will be offered. Please read the article to come in the following weeks from our Programs Chair, Jennifer Westerberg, for detailed information.

You will also see changes to the annual conference. Again, content and quality speakers will be the true focus of the day. The event will again be held at the Overland Park Convention Center, which consistently receives positive feedback as the location of choice. For more information on the conference, please read the article coming soon from our Annual Conference Chair, Megan Turner.

It was also identified that many new managers are requesting some basic practice management 101 education as they start their careers. There is now a task force being established to develop a bi-annual 4 hour course to guide these managers in the basics based on the MGMA body of knowledge.

Finally, it is our goal as your board, to improve communication with the membership. This will occur through newsletters, such as this and also with web page enhancements.

Your input and suggestions are highly encouraged. It is a necessity for our organization’s success to have engaged and involved membership.

I look forward to our organization’s positive growth in 2016! Thank you for opportunity to serve as the president of this exceptional organization.

Karen Highfill, CMPE, MS, RN

MGMA-GKC President